Fashion Maven: Dressing up the little black dress

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Money, money, money … fashion is an expensive passion. All of you can surely remember that costly dress or those pricey jeans and the longing to buy them against your better judgment. Been there, done that. But don’t fret.
There is a way to bring diversity to your closet without spending a penny. All you need is a little imagination. Versatility is the key. Being able to wear an object in your closet a few different ways is cheaper and better than buying a whole new outfit.
I believe that every woman should own a black dress. Made famous by Coco Chanel, the black dress is an important staple for any feminine wardrobe. It  can accentuate almost any figure if it cinches at the waist, flows out from there, ends at the knee and has a V-neck. An added bonus is that black is a slimming color. Thus, I have chosen to show you how to wear a black dress five different ways.
• The casual look: wear your black dress with a lightweight cotton cardigan, a pair of flats and a colorful necklace or bracelet as an accessory.
• Modern, city girl look: sport a structured jacket with a modern pattern, a pair of short heels, a sleek bag and a sophisticated necklace.
• The party girl outfit: have some fun with this style. Try a sequined cardigan, a pair of bejeweled heels, some sparkly earrings and a matching necklace. If you are attending a more formal event, pull on a pair of tights.
• An ensemble that’s colorful for summer: show off a structured jacket in a bright color like yellow, green or red. Strap on a pair of colorful shoes, whether they are heels, flats or sandals. Accessorize your
• Warm for winter or a chilly evening: wear your dress with an oversized sweater, a scarf, some thick leggings, a pair of UGG boots and some bright leg warmers. You can even add a hat or headband.
• Be inventive. You can come up with many more combinations, and not just for a black dress. Mix and match skirts, pants, shirts, shorts and much more. Remember that belts and structured jackets can work wonders.
You may find it difficult to imagine all of these looks and I don’t blame you. Sometimes words are not enough and we need photographs for inspiration. To see all five of these looks, visit my new blog at enstylopedia.tumblr.com. Here, you can read my fashion column and see photographs for every article over the summer, since the Teen Pulse Page will not be published until August. Feel free to post questions or comments and have a stylish summer.