Fashion Maven: Don’t be afraid to show off your socks

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Often overlooked in fashion, socks hide in dressers, are crammed in corners of messy rooms and often pairs of them get separated.
Yet, they are admittedly an ingenious part of fashion. Of course, they are functional and that’s what most of us see them as.
Socks can be made into so much more though, and can look insanely cute with outfits for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.
Before rattling off all of the wonderful fashions that can be created with a lovely pair of socks, it is necessary to establish how not to wear socks.
You know, just to get everyone on the right track. As a general rule, socks should not be worn with flat sandals, especially Birkenstocks.
I have seen a few horrendous fashion faux pas involving vividly patterned and colored socks, haphazardly worn in Birkenstocks and sandals of the sort.
I usually don’t mix and match socks; I learned that the hard way.
After getting a few giggles and strange looks at airport security when I had to take my shoes off, I realized that I had a red sock on one foot and a green one on the other.
If you want to mix and match socks, keep them out of sight.
Socks can be worn fashionably with sandals on occasion, though. Sandals of this type are usually classified almost as flats, and if they are a camel color and worn with a summery or spring dress, you could pull off wearing some light camel-colored socks that reach to the ankle.
High-heeled sandals oftentimes look stunning with a pair of socks.
Socks are also fabulous with oxfords and oxford flats. I recommend keeping the socks a neutral color, though.
White ones may be too bright for an outfit. Patterned socks work too, but it depends on what you are already wearing.
An outfit consisting of a vividly patterned top, jeans and cute accessories, may not need brightly patterned socks.
Instead, opt for small, subtle patterns like stripes or a hounds tooth pattern.
Worn with pumps or Mary Janes, socks are perfect! Again, I would keep them in neutral colors, depending on what you are wearing.
Adding some texture by scrunching them slightly or folding them over themselves at the top a bit will instantly add a new dimension to an outfit.
Wearing socks with boots is an absolute must. I love to add a bit of color here and have about two inches of sock peek out from an ankle or mid-calf-high boot.
This adds some spunk to a winter ensemble anytime.
I adore socks: they keep my feet warm, they’re soft and they’re fashionable.
For those of you scared to show them in public, stop socking away your fashion sense and gather up some courage because socks are walking your way and they’re not about to stop.