Fashion Maven: Don’t be afraid to fall for this season’s trends

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By Alexandra Hehlen

It’s about time that everyone does some fall clothes shopping, but what exactly should we be shopping for? Let me give you the scoop on the top eight trends on my list.
• Number one: Studs. Anything with studs on it goes. Try sweaters and shirts that have stud accents on the shoulders and accessories like shoes and bracelets that include stud-like elements.
If you’re like me and have a very girly or feminine sense of style, don’t mistake studs for looking too edgy. Small gold or silver ones used in minimal amounts for decoration on sweaters and shirts are actually very ladylike.
• Number two: Bold prints. Fashion this year has not been color shy or print shy for that matter. Any and every print this season is allowed on any form of clothing or accessory, including shoes and jewelry.
To make a strong statement, wear printed jeans or jackets with wild patterns. Print is also beautiful in smaller doses. Wear a blazer that is the color of one of the elements of a patterned shirt worn underneath.
• Number three: Collars. Shirts with collars are definitely in, but this trend has been modified. Some stores and online shops are now selling detachable Peter Pan collars, which are collars that can basically be worn as necklaces, over sweaters and shirts.
They are often decorated with pearls, studs or vibrant prints, but you can also get them in neutral hues.
• Number four: Sweaters. This season, anything knit wear goes, especially large, chunky sweaters. I like to pair my sweaters with long necklaces or modify them by pinning them in different ways with a large brooch.
• Number five: Layering accessories. Wearing multiple bracelets, including colorful watches, on one arm makes a fashion statement.
Oversized, unique or intricate rings are also in style, as are accessories that include dainty golden or silver chains.
• Number six: Sequins. Whether they are on a piece of jewelry, a jacket, are accenting a sweater or bedazzling a pair of jeans, these lovely little sparkles are a hit this fall. They instantly add glamour to an outfit, even in small doses.
• Number seven: Color blocking. For those of you who are unsure, color blocking is wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. For example, you could wear a yellow jacket with a blue shirt and red jeggings.
Some shirts come, as I like to say, pre-color blocked, where they already have two or three solid colors. I suggest keeping the limit of colors in an outfit to three; otherwise an ensemble could look sloppy to the untrained eye. To balance a colorful outfit, wear neutral accessories, shoes or jackets, especially those in trendy grey.
• Number eight: Color. I see a large focus this season on shades of grey, dark red, mustard yellow, cobalt blue and jewel tones. Experiment by mixing and matching different shades to spruce up an outfit.
Keep these trends in mind the next time you go shopping and there’s no doubt you’ll be falling for at least one of them this fall.

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