Fashion Maven: Denim done different

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Everyone has a pair of jeans. In fact, most of us have multiple pairs and over time, they have become the go-to type of pants that we can wear casually or professionally, depending on cut, fit and wash.
Because of the latest trend, denim shirts and jackets are being worn more frequently. Surprisingly, this fad hadn’t been “in” until recently.
We wear jeans frequently, so it makes sense to extend the convenient and comfortable qualities of denim to shirts.
Since some denim is stiff or thick, it might seem uncomfortable to wear in jacket or shirt form. After all, we want to utilize the complete mobility of our arms, do we not?
However, the new denim shirt trend has created tops that are just as comfortable as your favorite pair of skinnies. Very thin denim is used to make button-up shirts and thicker —but not more inflexible — denim is designed into comfortable jackets.
Denim button-up shirts go hand-in-hand with studs, which are also currently trending. Button-ups that have collars adorned with sequins, pearls, rhinestones or metal accents, make fashionable and unique statements.
You can button up your shirt all the way, wear it half-buttoned-up with a colorful or neutral shirt underneath, or use it as a light jacket.
Button-up denim shirts come in many washes, from pale blue to deep navy.
Denim jackets come in all types of cuts and washes as well. They can be frayed, studded, tailored, elegant — you name it. Finding the ideal jacket for your figure and your taste may take some time, but chancing on the perfect jacket is worth the effort.
While wearing denim on denim is “in,” sporting this look can be tricky. If you do decide to wear jeans and a denim shirt, choose the shirt in a light blue wash and the jeans in a dark blue or black color.
This way, you can create variations on jean fabric by way of color. Additionally, dark jeans are figure slimming.
Denim in shirts, jackets and pants come in such great variety that you are bound to find some type that fits your figure, taste and personal style.