Fashion Maven: Clothes make the man

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By Alexandra Hehlen

After receiving numerous suggestions to write about guys’ fashion, I have decided to fulfill the requests.
Fashion for men is as broad a subject as women’s fashion, so I have decided to narrow down this column to what a man should not do when he dresses himself in the morning. Ahem, guys: this might be a good time to listen up because I speak for a vast majority of ladies, here.
My greatest pet peeve is with pants. Pulling them down below your butt, belting them in place on your thighs, or squeezing them around your knees are the most unattractive looks ever. Every day, I have to cringe when a dude bends down, waddles through the hallway like a penguin, or really has to stretch his arms so that he can just reach the tips of his fingers into his pockets.
I know what you’re thinking, guys. You’ve told me it’s comfortable and cool. You and I both know that belting  your pants securely in place or just letting them gather around your knees so that you must have one hand holding them up at all times isn’t at all comfortable.
Showing off your underwear to everyone walking behind you and constantly having to monitor the “whereabouts” of your pants is not exactly cool.
I know a lot of you guys have a favorite hat and a favorite jacket in completely different colors and patterns. That’s fine, but pairing them together is not.
Avoid making an ensemble consisting of too many colors and patterns — it gets too busy too fast. Next time, think before you get dressed. Instead of pairing your vibrant green jacket with a plaid button-up shirt, try a leather jacket with the shirt and some straight-leg jeans instead.
I applaud those guys who do try on clothes and enjoy clothes shopping. Yet, many of you stick to one particular size, go to a store, pull shirts and pants off the racks that are that size, and buy them without trying them on. Whew, your clothes shopping is over with and it only took five minutes!
This is not the way to buy clothes. It’s essential to try things on before you buy them. You can discover what looks good on you and what styles you might want to wear. And, if you don’t try on an item and you find that it doesn’t fit once you’re home, you have to make a second trip to the store.
Despite the old saying about not judging a book by its cover, people often do.
Because of this mentality, a guy should keep himself and his clothes clean and dress neatly. Top it off with nice manners, a polite attitude, a big smile and you’re good to go!
And, let’s face it, if you really want to look like a penguin, you might consider wearing a suit instead.