Fashion Maven: 2012 was a splendid year in fashion

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By Alexandra Hehlen

I can’t quite believe it’s already 2013. Everyone has already made New Year’s resolutions and is leaving 2012 in the dust.
But last year isn’t about to just disappear. It didn’t just leave with some of the most periodically significant events in history — the presidential election and the Olympics, for example — 2012 also left the legacy of one of the craziest years in fashion.
Haute couture exploded as designers sought new ways to make unique clothing and accessories.
Silhouettes ballooned when designers like Comme des Garçons decided to make shirts and dresses excessively large and stiff (so that the models looked as if they were in giant flattened plum costumes) but something in all the grandeur still screamed fashion.
The amount of color and print on the runway mushroomed. Color blocking, metallics, jewel tones and newly modern colors like ox blood red and mustard yellow made flashy appearances in multiple fashion shows.
We saw pants patterned with palm trees, exotic flowers and different types of animal prints.
Sparkles and giant accessories dominated shows and even massive, feather-like “loofah” dresses nearly engulfed models.
And yet, all of this was translated into a more human, consumer-oriented, wearable form.
Patterned pants can now be found in many different stores. Glitzy accessories are in no short supply and the fantastic silhouettes on the runway have been toned down so that anyone can pull them off.
Now, everyone is in a celebratory mood and there are still more parties to attend. I always like to do events justice with a fabulous outfit, but how can any of us muster up an ensemble that can trump the fashion extraordinaire that last year birthed?
After long deliberations, going through my closet and researching magazines, I came to the conclusion that a 2013 party outfit must be a glitzy and grandiose affair.
For those of you who love fashion, this is your chance to go over the top. Deck yourself out in sparkly accessories and glitzy, elegant pieces.
But going overboard is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are other ways to make a statement without being a walking disco ball.
For example, wearing a tailored black dress  — that is, at the longest, knee length — with some black tights is always a chic option. To add some sparkle, wear accessories in your favorite color, such as pink bangles and a fuchsia headband.
You can also try tights that are patterned or embellished with little rhinestones.
Wear some sparkly heels or any other type of heel that matches your outfit. If you like comfort, opt for some bejeweled flats instead.
And if you’re still worried about making a statement or dressing out of your comfort zone, think about the situation rationally. 2013 is a clean slate, so take the initiative now and show 2012 that it can be fashionably outdone by your new and improved 2013 style.