Farewell my fine old tent

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It was a fine tent – blue and gold, a Sierra Designs, two person, state-of-the-art backpacker’s dream. I bought it for motorcycle camping, and it logged thousands of miles and many nights of stars or rain, days of thunder by Harley or God. I retired it a few years ago in favor of a newer, less bulky and more expensive model, which, removed from my bike last summer in San Francisco, probably now graces some homeless camp in California.
So the blue-gold was to be resurrected for camping next summer, but was raised early in protest, to serve as a symbol of the homelessness of the Los Alamos County Municipal Government, a condition now apparently to be continued ad infinitum by the nerveless capitulation of the county council.  It was admired or derided by passersby as it stood small and proud on the site that was approved for the new Municipal Building, denominated the Los Alamos Municipal Tent; and it was even slated for a ribbon-cutting ceremony next week. But now it’s gone.
Taken by person or persons unknown – a homeless person needing shelter? OK, I can get another. A petitioner protesting the protest?  It didn’t show up on Ashley Pond, where I would have put it. Police? They didn’t take the signs, so probably not. Kids as a prank?  It is Halloween, after all. Broke backpacker?  Ordinary thief?  Maybe. I’m sad.  I hope my tent is OK. I hope Los Alamos will provide a suitable permanent substitute.

George Chandler
Los Alamos