Failure of national government beyond words

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By Ralph Damiani

End to uncertainly is certainly needed.

We would hope that those who are supposed to be in the know – you know, our leaders – would understand the critical importance of Los Alamos National Laboratory to this nation’s security and future and stop playing political football with it.

But such rational thought seems far beyond those in national government. At that is tragic.

So this fantastic institution continues to limp along and we all here – not just in Los Alamos but also in northern New Mexico – suffer.

Yet we are lost in all the noise coming out of Washington and the nation. The failure of Congress to do its prime job and protect the American people has clearly been demonstrated with the economic crisis we are facing.

Where were they as this was going down?

The finger-pointing going on now is the most disgusting thing in recent memory. Everyone is willing to blame someone else – but of course they did no wrong. It is vile.

So naturally, Congress has no time to discuss or consider something as unimportant as one of the most important facilities in the nation – LANL. No, all they can muster is a continuing resolution to fund a number of federal agencies, including the Department of Energy and its national laboratories, leaving all of it in the lurch.

There are not enough words to say how awful our government is right now. Congress has failed at every level, the administration has lost its focus and our leaders are only concerned with making sure they are not blamed.

Congress should get over it and pass budgets for areas critical to our national security. But don’t hold your breath that this will actually happen. They are too busy finger-pointing.

George Washington and those grand men of old are surely turning over in their graves.