Expressing support for Trinity project

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After reviewing the available information about the Trinity Development  project on the LA County website and the LA Schools slide show, I want to  express my support for this project.
There are a combination of reasons that my family spends a significant amount  of our money outside of Los Alamos and one of those is that the available  retail pool is so shallow.  I really appreciate the quality of service and  products available at CB Fox, however the cost is prohibitive.  I do  patronize Metzgers when I have the opportunity.  One thing that many Los  Alamos businesses have never addressed is the hours of operation.  Every Mother’s day, I drive to Espanola or Santa Fe, so that I can take my wife out for a nice meal, because the restaurants in Los Alamos are closed.
While I would very much appreciate having a Trader Joe’s in Los Alamos, I do understand that the company doesn’t feel we can support their store.   However, it is true that every two weeks, my family spends the day in Santa Fe, which accounts for a significant portion of my pay check.  We go there  primarily to stock our freezer with products from Trader Joe’s and this is  unlikely to change with a larger Smith’s store.  The other significant food purchase we make is from Los Poblanos, which is farm fresh produce delivered by an organic distributor located near Albuquerque.
All of that being said, we do shop at Smiths with a certain frequency and I very much prefer the idea of opening a larger Smith’s store in Los Alamos to opening a WalMart.   In fact, I would actively oppose and likely campaign  against opening a WalMart here.
I think that we need to take these steps to improve our access to retail  stores in Los Alamos and to support our schools.  I have been following the budget decisions made at the state level and LAPS is going to be hit hard, so anything we can do as a community to support the schools is going to be a  wise investment.  Even if the rest of this state are headed in the wrong  direction with regards to education, we can stay on track and at least  protect our own children’s future.

Michael Adams