Explaining the strike on Syria

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By Katey Green and Angela Workman

With all the talk about strikes against Syria flooding the news airwaves, it’s only natural that one would be curious about what’s going on. To help clear the air, Katey Green and Angela Workman came up with a series of questions and answers about Syria.

Q: What’s happening in Syria?
A: Syria is at civil war right now and the use of chemical weapons (gases and toxins that are illegal throughout the world) has been proven to be in use.

Q: Why is the USA getting involved in this?
A: Syria called for an intervention (a plea for protection to prevent another chemical attack)
Q: What are some of the other nations doing about this?
A: France, Great Britain, and Russia have all stepped in and are trying to solve this crisis, but Bashar al-Assad (the president of Syria) has threatened that anyone who steps in will “pay a steep price”

Q: What chemical weapon is in use?
A: Sarin (a man made chemical that is considered the most toxic and powerful of its kind. It kills quickly by damaging the lungs and nervous system.)

Q: How many people have been killed by this gas?
A: 1,400 people, 400 of those being children

Q: How many people have fled the country
A: About 2 million people have fled, but 4 million are trapped in the country and al-Assad is refusing to let them go.