Experience matters for the next sheriff

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By Special to the Monitor

By Greg White

My name is Greg White. I’m an Independent running for Los Alamos County Sheriff because I love LA and it’s people. A little background is helpful to understanding my views and platform.

Since the 1950’s a faction has tried to eliminate the Sheriff’s office. The problem stems from the fact that Los Alamos is a very small county and it’s county and municipal boundaries are the same. 

This came to a head when Los Alamos elected its current sheriff eight years ago, a very experienced fully accredited law enforcement officer. Most sheriffs in Los Alamos history have had no law enforcement experience. One wonders why the County Council would spend the last eight years desperately trying to eliminate the office. And now are deliberately defying a direct court order from Judge Mathews to restaff the sheriff’s office, give him back all his statutory duties, and fund it sufficiently to carry out those duties. The Court decision is available on my web site at greg4sheriff.com, which also has links to my Facebook and Twitter pages (you do not need a Twitter account to get an inspirational message every day).

There’s a four-way race for the office of sheriff with views ranging from not upsetting the status quo to creating a co-equal sheriff’s department to compete with and eventually take over the police department. 

I’m in the middle.

What sets me far apart from the other three candidates and explained in concise detail on my web page are:

• Being retired, I am the only candidate who can and will devote full time to this part-time pay office.

• I am the only candidate who has any kind of legal and/or law enforcement experience.

• I am the only candidate who has laid out on their web site what they will and will not do as sheriff.

• I am the only candidate who is actively helping our community and will continue to do so when sheriff. I have links for mental health on my web page and on my Facebook page a Facebook-sponsored fundraiser for a suicide prevention organization that helps train counselors here in Los Alamos.

The other candidates have full time occupations. One alludes to quitting his job to be a full time sheriff. Failing to state this is contingent upon the Los Alamos council changing the office to full time pay. If this was to happen, by law it would not go into effect until Jan. 1, 2023.

Two candidates wanting full law enforcement powers have stated the office of Sheriff is not a Social Services office and I can do this on my own time. This shows why experience matters! State law 4-41-10 declares all sheriffs are on duty at all times (24/7/365). Ask any law enforcement officer what they do all day. They are first responders to accidents helping those injured or just shaken up, they intervene in domestic disputes, they comfort and help abused children, they deal with the homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts. Law enforcement is in fact a Social Service agency but they handle the whole range of services and referrals not just one. 

Most times they are the first contact people make who need info on available social services. 

As listed on my web page anyone needing help finding the right agency can contact me (505-710-9201). It is simply false when someone states I will be housing the homeless and running a soup kitchen out of the sheriff’s office.

When sheriff, I will leave the daily policing to our exceptional police. The court ordered duties for the sheriff are a full time job. Namely doing the sex offender registry correctly, court security, and process service for State Courts. I will deputize the police to continue doing prisoner transport. 

The sheriff is a protector and servant of the citizens so in addition I will work with the courts, schools and other groups to keep our children out of the courts, if they get in trouble set them on a better path and eliminate the extreme problem Los Alamos has with teen and preteen suicide.

I will have an open door policy for the few hours I’m in the office and not out protecting our children from sexual predators or at an event or meeting to help our children. I will always be reachable by phone as I am now and if I can’t answer leave a voicemail and I will return the call as soon as possible.

I thank you for reading this and for voting for me, Greg White.