Expect more delays on Diamond

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By The Staff

This is in response to a Monitor story “Diamond Drive, Take Four,” on March 4.

Are you kidding me? I am so sick of hearing that “this time, it will be different” from this county. No wonder Sharon Stover has a “queasy feeling” when she thinks about this complete fiasco of a plan continuing. I completely agree with councilors Robert Gibson and Vincent Chiravalle: This is a bad plan and should not continue as currently proposed. Apparently, the rest of the county council have their heads stuck firmly in the sand and will vote for this nightmare to continue no matter what. Have they learned nothing from the first three phases? All of which were completed well after the targeted dates? Oh, that’s right, this time will be different.

When I’m stuck in traffic again on the first day of school (when the first part of the roadwork will not be finished as scheduled), I’m going to laugh out loud in my car. Perhaps the whole thing will be finished in 2013 or 2014. We’ll see. Maybe at some point the public will be told, “I’m sorry, but today it’s necessary to close both Canyon/Diamond and Diamond/Trinity intersections. You can’t leave Los Alamos today, but tomorrow’s looking good!”


Christie Kelly

Los Alamos