Even better shopping through math

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John Dienes’ suggestions using the TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem) and the Held-Karp algorithm are interesting, but they are only unproven theories which ignore the fact that Smith’s Marketplace is operated by Master Marketers using us as experimental animals in a giant maze.
They are using the 2(MM+ DC=GS) X CM with the proven polynomial factor showing that, with Master Marketing, the Distance Covered increases the number of products seen, thus producing Greater Sales, times the number of customers traveling the Maze, of course.
You will notice that the partitions, shelves, interior wine store with its guardian knight, plus the fruit and deli delights are positioned at odd angles to increase the traveling time through the Maze. Eye candy, (look at the clothing and china displays), incites sales.
The solution to the shopping problem is therefore 2(PMP+KB)= EE2 where PMP signifies Practice Makes Perfect plus Knowledge of Bargains equals double Enjoyment and Exercise! One must use repeat visits to learn the Maze locations, resist the eye candy, knowing we are being manipulated, but enjoying the bargains such as the 50 cent ice cream cone, (which is half the price of one at the Golden Arches), and the beautiful view as you eat it at an umbrella table on the canyon-side patio.
Your mile walk through the Maze has given you good exercise, and full enjoyment is increased if you get to the Starbucks shop right after they say “We’re closed” and ask for the dregs from the coffee urn. They will give you a free cup!
The E2 is proven Double Enjoyment if you arrive when the full Super Moon is setting in the morning or, in the evening when you can see the shadow of the Jemez Mountains climb up the Sangre de Cristos. Even though the Super Moon is drowning out the number of Perseid meteors visible, you can still see Saturn, Mars and Spica for free in the evening from the canyon patio. Yes, with our new Smith’s Marketplace, Los Alamos is indeed on the map!
Inez Ross
Los Alamos