Española bank robber gets 40 months in plea deal

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By Tris DeRoma

A Los Alamos County resident who terrorized a teller while robbing an Española bank was sentenced to 40 months in prison.
The sentencing was part of a plea agreement worked out by Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Han and Fidel Naranjo’s defense attorney, Andras Szantho.
As part of the agreement, Naranjo agreed not to appeal the 40-month sentence for a lesser term, nor try to get a reduction in fines or costs.
Naranjo must also make victim restitution and pay back $700, the amount of money police weren’t able to recover of the nearly $3,500 he stole from the New Mexico Bank and Trust on 411 Carr Lane.
“If the defendant ... should nevertheless seek a downward departure or variance, including a departure or variance from the guideline criminal history category, the United States shall have a right to treat this plea agreement as null and void and to proceed to trial on all charges before the court,” read a statement in court documents.
Before Han and Szantho worked out the agreement, Naranjo was looking at 20 years in prison or more for the crime and a $250,000 fine. The incident occurred on a Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 2.
On that day, Naranjo’s accomplice, Kendra Brophy, 29, drove him to the bank.
Dressed in camouflage clothing and wearing a mask, Naranjo went up to a teller and threatened her life if she didn’t turn over all the money in her drawer to him.
“Hurry up, fu---g b----ch, Give me all the money! Large bills! Hurry up or I’ll shoot you! I have a gun!” Naranjo said to the teller, according to court documents.
After Naranjo collected the $3,475.10 from the teller, he fled west across a vacant lot where Brophy was waiting for him in a red Isuzu pickup truck.
Brophy was caught a few hours after the robbery, when Rio Arriba County Sheriff deputies and state police officers tracked them to a friend’s house in Hernandez.
Naranjo escaped out a window.
At the house, police recovered $2,775 of the $3,475.10 that was stolen. Naranjo remained at large until Sunday, Dec. 6, when Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputies received a tip that Naranjo was in the trunk of a car that was heading toward El Llano.
He was apprehended and arrested without incident the same day.
“The car was stopped, and with the help of a uniformed deputy and members of the FBI we got permission to open the trunk, and there was Mr. Naranjo, ” Rio Arriba County spokesman Lt. Randy Sanches said in an earlier Los Alamos Monitor article.
Brophy also received a plea agreement. She agreed to plead guilty to one count of knowingly lying about her personal knowledge of a felony. The crime carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a mandatory year of supervised probation.