Escape from responsibilities with ‘Couples Retreat’

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By Kirsten Laskey

I just got back from a three-day house building project. I have a book to read before Leadership Los Alamos meets again on Friday and I am only half-way through it. There are three articles to write for Sunday’s paper. My apartment is crying out to me to clean it.

There really is no time to waste with this lengthy to do list but Wednesday evening I just wanted to procrastinate and do something decadent like watch a movie at the theater on a week night.

I picked “Couples Retreat” because it seemed like a good fluff movie. It turned out my desire to escape daily responsibilities was shared by the characters in the film.

Four couples decided to go on a vacation together to a tropical resort. While they initially believed this vacation would entail relaxation and fun, the truth was this trip had them working – on their relationships.

The head of the resort, which is called Eden West, forced the couple to perform outrageous activities such as tossing pieces of bloody fish into shark occupied waters or standing as a group in their underwear.

Some of these incidents were a little too silly and the jokes just got tired but others, such as when one of the characters challenged a resort employee to a Guitar Hero contest, were pretty funny.

It really helps that Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau starred in the movie.

I really enjoyed their verbal banter as they debated their philosophies on marriage.

Plus, Favreau wore some comical facial expressions and Vaughn is the king of uttering long, rambling and hilarious monologues.

The credits reveal that the two actors also helped write the script and the viewer can tell they enjoyed working together.

The rest of the cast doesn’t exactly carry on this chemistry.

Other members of the group include a neurotic and suffocating husband, a reasonable and grounded wife, an out-of-shape divorcee and a loud-mouth 20-year girlfriend who just wanted to party.

As for the plot, there were enough turns in it to make the audience wonder if the couples would survive through all their endeavors without strangling each other.

Fear not, the conclusion was sweet and everyone effectively resolved their issues.

The movie definitely fulfilled my need for fluff.  “Couples Retreat” was as light and airy as cotton candy; however, just like the sugar-spun candy, the movie gave me a quick rush of sugar but nothing that had long-lasting substance.

It’s a fun movie to watch on a Friday or Saturday or on one of those weeknights when a carefree diversion is needed.