Enforce existing laws

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The problem this country, and this state, has, is a culture of violence! DA’s and Judges are soft on criminals with little to no prison time, IF the crime is even prosecuted. In New Mexico news daily reports: Animal abuse, Child abuse, Robbery, Drunk Driving, Assault, Murder and the most Heinous crime Child Rape! None taken seriously by the Legislature, Governor, DA’s or Judges. A Child Rapist in this state can expect 10 months for each charge. (i.e. Convicted Child Rapist Charles Wesley, NM State Police sex offender registry). Take a life with your car because you’re drunk, texting, speeding: three years.
That’s all a life is worth in N.M.: three years !
As a society we simply cannot allow this to go on. We must all get on our elected officials to correct the lack of punishment not hysterically make laws about gun control while ignoring the daily carnage.
Greg White
Los Alamos