Empower youth to have their own voice

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Did you know that eggnog is already available at Smith’s and I couldn’t be happier?  The truth is, eggnog makes me delightfully happy. I love to have it in my coffee from now until after New Year’s Day. I will then freeze it and have some from time to time during the year.
I’m sure you are wondering why I think you need to know this. Why is this useful information?
I wonder if we know the answers to these simple questions regarding our own kids, our spouses, parents or even our co-workers. Remember assets are for everyone, so take the time to build a foundation and start with knowing the things they really like to have as a treat.
Our goal is to empower them to tell you what is important to them. Empowerment is our asset for the month of November.
If we want our kids to be able to tell us the big things, we have to start with the little things. They have to know that we care about everything, no matter how big or how small.
Empower youth to have their own opinion even if it is different than yours. We also need to teach them to respect everyone’s opinion and not just to believe the loudest or rudest person is the winner.
I’m so happy that Election Day is almost done. I hope you will empower anyone you know who is 18 and older, to exercise their right as an American on this day. I also hope you’ll empower them to have their own voice, to select their own candidate and not just vote for whoever you would vote for, too.
I think it is important to empower everyone to pick the right candidate, and by that I mean the right one for them. It doesn’t matter what party you are registered under, you must be empowered enough to select the best person for the job.
I would no more select the box to vote straight party, than I would choose the box that would select only the Anglo candidates, or only the women candidates. The decision is important and each issue warrants their own consideration.
 We need to be empowered as a nation to become educated enough on the issues and the candidates. We need to have a feel for who we believe has our best interests at heart. The right to vote is a huge step on the ladder of being an adult, so when you see those young people with their sticker that says “I voted today,” tell them “well done.”
I also want to thank the community members that donated flower bulbs to Los Alamos Middle School. I know several people took the time and unfortunately, I’m unaware of who did the donating. Please know that your time and donation demonstrated to our seventh and eighth graders that you, as a community, value them. Now that’s empowering, don’t you agree?

The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce sponsor Assets In Action.