An elegant evening to remember

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By Tom Hanlon, Teen Pulse student editor

The 2015 Los Alamos High School junior/senior prom on April 25 was accompanied by the usual excitement, which leads up to a dance of such stature. Acquiring a date, buying a dress or renting a tuxedo and, of course, attending the dance itself.
One thing however, made this year’s prom more unique: the venue. This year’s “Moonlight Sonata” themed prom was held at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino this year, which, while providing complications such as price and transportation, made for a sophisticated and enjoyable evening for couples, groups and friends from LAHS.
Upon entering one of the larger ballrooms, students were greeted by a dark blue lit room, candlelit tables and a stunning ceiling decorated with blue lights to look like the night sky. Guests were then served a three-course meal, which was surprisingly delectable considering that the same entree had been prepared for everyone.
The dinner portion of the night was extremely well prepared and executed. The table arrangements, three course meal and atmosphere were all elegant. The dance portion however, missed the mark. This is very common among high school dances because one cannot please everyone when it comes to music genres.
The problem with this year’s prom however, did not lie solely with music choice. It stemmed from a poor job on the part of the disc jockey (DJ). Due to technical difficulties, songs at the beginning of the dance were broken up in parts. It seemed as if parts of a song were being muted to avoid distasteful language, but there was no such language at the times the song was dampened.
Thankfully, the DJ fixed the problem later in the dance and things picked up.
A few song requests were granted which was a relief for teens wishing to actually dance instead of bouncing up and down to the beat of a popular modern pop song. Requests were of different genres such as country, or were older pop songs like the 1984 hit, “Footloose.”
Because of the excellent venue, exquisite dinner and overall good music choice, despite technical difficulties, prom 2015 was a success.
By the end of the night, students left Buffalo Thunder satisfied with what will probably be remembered as one of LAHS’ better junior/senior proms.