Electronic rock band next up in series

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By The Staff

Los Alamos is in for an “ultra-funky, organic, electronic experiment.”

Some listeners will think of Pink Floyd or Air. Others, of Herbie Hancock. Others, of contemporary electronica bands like Sigur Ros or The Beta Band.

The Frequency, however, have a style all their own.

On its Myspace page, the Los Angeles-based group describes its sound as “a reflection of things old and new,” and its inspiration as coming from “a love of Moogs, the sound of a real Fender Rhodes piano and vintage Fender amps.”

Los Alamos residents might have heard The Frequency’s “Jim Gordon Part II” on a Blackberry commercial – the one with the guy hitting a golf ball – part of Blackberry’s worldwide campaign.

The song is off The Frequency’s self-produced, self-titled EP, which also caught the attention of Ropeadope Records founder Andy Hurwitz. He signed the band immediately.

In February 2007, Ropeadope released a five-song digital EP and a full-length album, titled “We are the Same Machine,” is now available exclusively on the band’s website, www.thefrequencymusic.net/wearethesamemachine.

The group is also featured alongside other experimental artists, including Thievery Corporation, Dan the Automator and Cut Chemis, on the recent release “Explorations: Classic Picante Regrooved.” The Frequency performs a remix of Jorge Dalto’s “Killer Joe” on the album.

Amidst a busy recording schedule, the band has also made time for plenty of live shows, playing the10,000 Lakes Festival, Quebec International Summer Music Festival and the Wicker Park Music Festival, among other gigs. After Los Alamos, the tour continues in Utah, California, Pennsylvania, Ontario and Quebec as The Frequency supports its new album.

The Frequency will be on the Hill at 7 p.m. Friday at Ashley Pond. The show is a production of Gordons’ Concerts and the Los Alamos County Council Summer Concert Series.


Who is The Frequency ?

Marc Cazorla: Organs, Fender Rhodes, Moog, vocals

Alex Stiff: Guitar/Bass, Harmonica, Prophet 52, vocals

Mark Quinn: Drums

Hector Ferreiro: Bass

Sean Coolican: Percussion, Electronics