Ed will be missed

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

It was with a certain amount of sadness, though not unexpected, that I read of Ed Grothus’ passing. I knew Ed best from the days when he had the Shalako Shop; indeed, my turquoise/silver watchband and my small turquoise/silver thunderbird bolo, both of which I’ve had since high school, came from the Shalako Shop. They have always been a tangible connection to Los Alamos no matter where I have roamed, and they remain a connection with Ed as well.

 Ed was a kind man, which largely explains his philosophy regarding nuclear weapons.  Yet, though he wasn’t real thrilled with some of the work done in Los Alamos, Ed passionately and steadfastly loved this place.  When you think of it, in these passionate times of passionate absolutism, that seeming dichotomy is a testament to the inherent decency and character of the man.

 I was fond of Ed and I’ll miss him. 

 Los Alamos will miss him immeasurably.

Los Alamos