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By Special to the Monitor

Two New Mexico high school seniors who are interested in science will be selected for an all expense paid, month-long trip to West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands for the National Youth Science Camp.  Applications are now being accepted for the prestigious 2009 program.

Each year in the summer following graduation, two New Mexico high school seniors attend the intense camp for young scientists.  

Last year, the New Mexico delegates were Megan Johnson and Kevin Wymer, both of Rio Rancho High School.  

Amelia Clement and Jayson Lynch, both of Sandia Prep, were their alternates.

The New Mexico Academy of Science (NMAS) administers the National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) program in New Mexico, and the NYSC program pays all expenses for the students including airfare.  

In March, judges from the Academy of Science will select two New Mexico high school seniors to attend the science camp this summer based upon their academic achievement, leadership in school and community activities, and a genuine interest in the sciences.  

 “Careers in science, engineering and technology are fun, rewarding and important in New Mexico’s economy, said New Mexico Education Secretary Veronica C. García.  “This program offers promising young science students opportunities to meet scientists and see for themselves the amazing breadth and excitement of today’s science.”

Students from around the country attend the National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) in the wilderness of the Monongahela National Forest in the eastern mountains of West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands.  

Visiting scientists are invited to the camp based on their reputation as leaders in their fields and on their ability to share up-to-date research with the students.  

Their exciting lectures and the hands-on experiences expose delegates to current work across the spectrum of scientific disciplines.  

Students have many opportunities to increase their appreciation for the great outdoors and push themselves physically in an extensive outdoor program.  Many students establish friendships that last a lifetime.  

To apply, a student must send two copies of all application forms, letters of recommendation and official transcript to Dr. Richard E. Nygren, State Coordinator for NYSC, Sandia National Laboratories, PO Box 5800, Albuquerque, NM 87185, postmarked no later than Wednesday.

Application forms and other information on the NYSC is available on the web at www.nysc.org/2009/index.html.  Inquiries about the program may also be addressed to Nygren.