Dry spell continues

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By Scot Johnson

Yet another month has passed with meager precipitation.
The first four months of 2011 netted a total of 0.68 inches in Los Alamos and 0.27 inches in White Rock, where the norm is about 4 inches and 3 inches in the two towns, respectively.
A look over the entire weather record in both towns reveals that the first third of only 1972 was drier. And April was windy, too.  Numerous cold fronts passed and summer-like warmth abruptly reversed into winter. Precipitation was measured on seven days in Los Alamos and on four days in White Rock, but in the end April was merely a continuation of a dry and windy 2011 thus far.
The precipitation total in Los Alamos in April was 0.47 inches where 1.06 inches is normal.
White Rock had 0.23 inches where 0.84 inches is normal. 2011 has brought a total of 0.68 inches to Los Alamos and 0.27 inches to White Rock.  Temperatures were about two degrees above normal with average daily highs and lows of 63 and 36 degrees in Los Alamos and 67 and 34 in White Rock. A maximum temperature of 76 on April 2 broke the old record for that day of 72, set in 2002.  
In White Rock, two maximum temperature records were set with 80 degrees on April 2 and 78 degrees on April 18.  
A high minimum record was set in White Rock with 56 degrees on April 18, replacing the record of 52 degrees for that day in 1984.  Also, new low minimum temperature records of 21 and 22 degrees were set on April 27 and 28, respectively, in White Rock.  Just like March, April was windy.  
The average wind speed in Los Alamos of nearly 11 mph was about 45 percent above normal.  In White Rock, the average of 10 mph was 30 percent above normal. strong through June.