Double check incentive

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In the Jan. 20 story in the Los Alamos Monitor, it was finally revealed that one  of the Trinity Site options included a Walmart.
However, the idea was discarded because Walmart wanted a “big incentive” to come into the community.
Did anyone calculate what that incentive would be? Did anyone calculate the rise in gross receipts tax revenues that would be garnered from a Walmart as opposed to another Smith’s?
Might the difference cover the “big incentive?”
The people of Los Alamos already spend 70 percent of their money off the hill. Isn’t the idea behind  the Trinity Site to recapture some of that money?
Isn’t one of the goals of the county to diversify retail, not to give further monopolies to what we already have?
I have asked these questions via email to the county and never received a response. I ask the county and/or the commission to answer these questions, before I am ready to settle for another Smith’s.
I also encourage others to write to give their views on the current Trinity Site proposal, before it is too late. Send emails to trinitysite.info@lacnm.us

Wendy Marcus
Los Alamos