Don and Margaret Hanson

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We want to congratulate our parents and grandparents, Don and Margaret Hanson, as they celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on March 17, 2011.
They met when Margaret Andersen moved from Iowa to Inglewood, Calif., where Don was born and raised. Don’s mother and Margaret’s landlady arranged their first date: boat races complete with picnic and Hanson family initiation. Don and Margaret were married in 1951 at the Methodist Church on Wilshire Boulevard in North Hollywood. Their spring break honeymoon trip took them to Minnesota to visit the Andersen family, who must have known Don was special because they sent tractors out to tow the car up the snowed-in driveway.
Don and Margaret started their family of three children in the Los Angeles area, making the life-changing decision to move to Los Alamos in 1961 (for which we are still grateful). Don worked for the lab as an engineer while Margaret was a dedicated homemaker, then later a bookkeeper for Dr. Loucks.  Now many years retired, they have enjoyed family, friends, travel, projects and puttering ever since.  They find it hard to believe they’ve been married 60 years and consider themselves “just lucky,” although we think there might have been more to it than that.
60 years and much hard work later, they have three children (Diane, Steve and Bob) and spouses (Michael Lilly, Barb Hanson, and Terri Hanson), three grandchildren (Christel, Scott and Stephanie) and spouses (Pat Yeamans and Fawn Hanson), and one glorious great-grandson (Steven Andrew Yeamans) — all of whom have been blessed by this long and faithful union, and most of whom will join Don and Margaret at Tamaya Resort in celebration of their milestone anniversary.
Thanks for the marriage model, Mom and Dad.  We love you.