Don’t Worry? Be Happy?

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Living in White Rock, I’m concerned about what the proposed GRT rollback means for basic services within the county. How will it curtail future capital improvement protect plans?
We’re assured, “Don’t worry! Be happy!”
When the County Council requests increases in the GRT, they have to outline exactly how that money is to be spent. Justifying, in detail, the increase to tax payers in Los Alamos is required. Shouldn’t the same scrutiny be paid to any reduction in county revenue?
What projects and plans would be cut?  Would plans for a new White Rock Senior Center to be scaled back, delayed, or cut? What about the N.M. 4 improvements, the new visitor center in White Rock, or defunding of the Canada del Buey pathway?
Would local business really increase, keeping shoppers on the Hill? The biggest benefit of such a rollback goes to LANS. That may be a good thing.
Maybe they would fund community improvements with their savings?
Cutting investment in the community shouldn’t be taken lightly, however. When reducing or increasing the resources to investment in community development, responsible government demands cutting through the “smoke and mirrors.”
Can we really “eat our cake and have it too” in these times of uncertain budgets and fixes? If we can maintain and increainvestment in the quality of life as promised, then rolling back the GRT makes sense.
Can we really afford cutting the GRT just to say we did?

Larry D. Jeffryes
Los Alamos