Domenici's deficit reduction proposal disappointing

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Pete V. Domenici served the state of New Mexico and our country as a United States senator with intelligence, integrity and honor for 36 years.
As chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, he displayed a thorough depth of knowledge of our economy.
It is, therefore, puzzling to me that he would make a proposal on Nov. 1 to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction – the Super Committee – for the privatization of Medicare as a primary solution to our debt and deficit difficulties.
He must know that Medicare, as a private trust fund from which the U.S. Treasury has profligately borrowed for years, is no more responsible for this financial crisis than is China, which has loaned us billions of dollars, or any citizen who buys a United States Savings Bond.
I can only conclude that Sen. Domenici has enlisted in the Republican “War on Seniors,” which seems designed to keep 50 million retirees so concerned with their own financial situation that they will be unable to react to an almost complete takeover of our democracy by a cabal of obscenely wealthy individuals, corporations and financial institutions.
“Senator Pete” should know – and should be – better than that.

Adele E. Zimmermann