Dolin represents lab workers?

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

We can only hope that your anointment of Ron Dolin as "spokesman for LANL workers" is rapidly seen for the nonsense it is. The so-called "Save Our Science" rally was nothing more than political grandstanding, as was clearly evident as the politicos and special interests far out-numbered the handful of employees present in the whopping 30-40 people that reportedly attended the "event" - and speeches were nothing more than sound bites intended for easy media copy instead of any true substance.

While there is some portion of the lab that continues to yearn for the "good old days" of the Cold War as Mr. Dolin advocates, I find the majority of people I talk to are more than willing to embrace the future. The only thing lacking has been leadership that takes the initiative to define those future missions (as some in Washington have begged us to do for over a decade) instead of simply waiting for someone else to dictate it to us while claiming the country "owes" us our funding.

I have yet to hear one word of that leadership from Mr. Dolin. If he really wants to interest the voters this time around, perhaps he would better spend his time in that area instead of simple partisan sniping.

Ralph Castain

White Rock