Dog's death deserves a response

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to reopen an incident that occurred Oct. 22, involving a school bus and our dog Sydney on Rover Boulevard. Our dog was hit and killed by the driver of school bus 123 that travels on Rover between 3:45 and 4 p.m. weekdays and is filled with upper-grade and high school students. The driver of this bus hit and killed our precious dog and to my knowledge was never reprimanded for this act. We’ve been waiting to see if anything was done or to hear from this driver one way or another, but neither has occurred.What if it were a child who darted into the street and was killed? I don’t think it would be ignored. We were under the impression that Los Alamos is an animal-loving town. Everywhere you look you see people walking with their dogs, yet an incident that killed a dog is totally ignored.To our knowledge, the driver of this bus was never ticketed or otherwise. Is this an example that the parents of the children riding on that bus want to be given to them? Our dog was very precious to us, like a child. Some people may find that hard to believe, but I thought the residents of Los Alamos were different.We contacted the police department, and even the director of the school bus division in town, and never heard a word from anyone concerning this horrible happening.We did notice that the speed is being monitored on Rover, where the speed limit is constantly ignored. Such was the case of the driver of the bus on that day. We were informed that the speed had been exceeded by 6 miles per hour, yet we never heard of any citation being issued to that driver.The officials of Los Alamos must take this matter into consideration. We are still mourning the loss of our pet and yet his death has gone in vain. In his name we would like to see some action taken and reported in the paper so that the residents of this town will feel assured that an accident like this will be reprimanded in the order that it should be.We do not feel that the driver purposely hit our dog, yet how can she let it go as if it never happened? We certainly can’t.Paul & Roseann RichardsonLos Alamos

Editor’s Note: The Los Alamos Public Schools Transportation Department and Los Alamos County Police Department confirmed that the accident happened as described above. Police said no report was written, in part because the incident was called in three hours after it happened. Disciplinary action taken against the bus driver, like all personnel matters, remains confidential.