Dog owners need a refresher on how leash laws work

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By The Staff

I am writing in regard to a problem that I have noticed increasingly in the last several months.

I walk my dog daily in White Rock and I always keep her on a leash.

I am aware that county leash laws state that “animals off owners premises need to be on a leash.”

However, many people in the neighborhood allow their dogs to be off leash while in their front yards.

Although these dogs are initially on the homeowners’ property, they often leave the property and run over to my dog and me.

Sometimes the dogs are friendly, but often they behave aggressively. I am scared that it is only a matter of time before someone (human or dog) gets bitten.

I know that a pamphlet was mailed to Los Alamos County residents earlier this year entitled “Guide to Managing Barking Dogs.”

Is there any way that a similar pamphlet could be mailed in order to raise awareness about leash laws?

I am afraid for the safety of my dog and myself, as well as for the safety of these unleashed dogs.

On many occasions these dogs run across the street in front of moving cars. I do not want to see a dog get hit by a car and I don’t want a car accident to happen either.

I feel that this is a very important public safety concern and that something needs to be done to enforce leash laws more effectively

Shelley Russell

White Rock