On the Docket 06-15-11

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On the Docket items are compiled from public information contained in Municipal, Magistrate and District Court records.
June 7


Dustin Nelson, 22, of Los Alamos appeared in Municipal Court on charges of violating his probation. Judge Alan Kirk sentenced Nelson to spend 15 days in jail and pay $46 in court fees.
June 9

Alexander Rose, 25, of Los Alamos appeared in Magistrate Court on charges of possession of marijuana, driving on an expired registration, no insurance and no headlights. Judge Pat Casados sentenced Rose to perform 10 hours of community service to be completed by July 26 and to pay $203 in court costs. As part of a plea deal with the state, Rose was found not guilty of marijuana possession.
June 10

Krista Wilhelm, 24, of Los Alamos appeared in Magistrate Court on charges of criminal trespass. Judge Pat Casados sentenced Wilhelm to 354 days of supervised probation and ordered her to participate in an alcohol and drug screening and treatment program, anger management classes and to pay $73 in court costs and $25 per month probation fee.

About the courts...

New Mexico Magistrate Courts:
New Mexico Magistrate Courts have limited jurisdiction over certain types of civil and criminal cases. Criminal cases heard by Magistrate Courts include preliminary hearings for all types of criminal cases, most misdemeanors, petty misdemeanors and county ordinance violations. Magistrate Courts may handle municipal ordinance violations under some circumstances. Civil cases heard by Magistrate Courts include most general civil claims for less than $10,000, exclusive of interests and costs.
Magistrate Courts do not have jurisdiction to handle certain types of cases, including domestic relations, certain types of civil cases, guardianships, most requests for injunctive relief and disputes over the title or boundary of real estate.
Magistrate Courts share jurisdiction over most misdemeanor criminal cases with District Courts. If the competency of a defendant is raised in a criminal case in Magistrate Court, the case is transferred to District Court.

New Mexico Municipal Courts:
New Mexico Municipal Courts have limited jurisdiction over all violations of municipal ordinances, including driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
Municipal Courts do not offer jury trials, and cases with a right to a jury trial will be transferred to another court if a proper request is made.
A Municipal Court may handle contested cases involving violations of campus traffic regulations.

Los Alamos Teen Court:
Teen Court involves alternative sentencing for juveniles. Teen Court typically is held Thursday afternoons. More Teen Court information is available on the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board website at losalamosjjab.com.

The Justice Center:
The Los Alamos County Municipal Court is on the first floor of the Justice Center at 2500 Trinity Dr., and the Los Alamos County Magistrate Court and the District Court are located on the second floor of the Justice Center. 
Next week, the Los Alamos Monitor will feature the District Courts.