Do you think Los Alamos should have a mayor?

Given the recent trials and tribulations involving Los Alamos County Council and the high turnover rate of the county administrator's post, do you think we should elect a mayor and hire a county manager?

What are your thoughts about creating salaried, fulltime county council positions?

Lets do it!

I think it is a great idea! I feel that having a mayor to help make decisions will help make Los Alamos more flexible and able to adapt to a rapidly changing world off the Hill. As well as help to provide a consistent direction and vision for Los Alamos.

As for creating salaried, fulltime county council positions. This might be worth looking into as well. But I do not want to these individuals to be able to have this position for extended terms or have large salaries. (i.e 100k is A LOT and you better be doing everything to earn that. 150K or more is not acceptable)