DIY mover plans LA location

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Business > Pojoaque franchise eyes expansion

The Los Alamos Board of Education voted to approve a lease for a U-Haul facility at Pueblo Complex, a former school property that is still owned and managed by the district, located at 1900 Diamond Dr.


The franchise, which is synonymous with do-it-yourself moving and storage, is actually an added location for a business that’s been operating in Pojoaque.

U-Haul had a facility on DP Road at one time, but parking problems and other issues caused the business to give up the location, according owner/operator Victoria Work.

At the LAPS board meeting, the assets manager for the Los Alamos Public School District Joan Ahlers, told the board the company is only interested in a six-month lease.

“U-Haul is a little nervous,” Ahlers told the board. “They haven’t been treated with open arms necessarily, so they are a little skittish.” She added that hopefully things will work out for the company and they will be able to extend the agreement into a one or two year lease.

She also told the board that the moving service plans on being good neighbors with the other businesses.

“I explained to them the lab pays us $59,000 a month for the north half of Pueblo Complex, so we all need to be good neighbors; you take care of your equipment and it goes where it’s supposed to go and the lab will take care of theirs,” she said.

U-Haul will occupy a classroom-sized space in the back of the complex, as well as nine parking spaces, which are also behind the building. It will be directly south of the gym at the Pueblo Complex. The operation will be paying $750 a month for the space, which according to Ahlers comes out to $10 a square-foot, plus $50-a-month for Internet service.

Unlike the Pojoaque operation, the facility will not offer storage, but rather a place where residents can find supplies to help them with their move as well as rent small trailers and car carriers.

The last time the space was utilized was about two-and-a-half years ago by the Los Alamos High School’s ROTC program.

“It’s really going to work out well for them,” Ahlers said. “If they do the numbers that they are projecting they will do I’m confident that we will be going to a one or two year lease.”

The U-Haul location also means residents moving to Los Alamos won’t have to pay a fee to drive the 30 miles back to Pojoaque, they can just drop the trailer or car carrier off in Los Alamos, Ahlers said. She also noted that the Los Alamos National Laboratory might also have occasion to use the rental equipment.

“I think their chances of success are good,” Ahlers told the board.

Work said the only things she needs now is her business permit from the county.

“Hopefully, all will go well and we will be able to accommodate our customers,” Work said, noting that they are located in the back of the complex and will be relatively hidden from Diamond Drive. She said they also plan on being good neighbors to LANL and the other Pueblo Complex occupants as well.
“If we have overflow we will bring it down to Pojoaque,” she said.
The lease starts Feb. 15, and Work said she’s got things ready to roll.
“We have our computers and equipment and we’re ready,” she said.