Divination night

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Our Lady of the Woods will hold a Divination Night at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Art Room of the Unitarian Church. They will gather to do divination for the upcoming year.
Amber K. and Azrael Arynn K., authors of “Heart of Tarot,” will be among those attending.
“Heart of Tarot” explores the Gestalt method of reading the Tarot.
From the introduction:
“Your mind has an infinite capacity to make connections and to find meanings in disconnected facts or abstract symbols. Gestalt Tarot strips the cards of their traditional meaning, then asks you to find your own meanings in the cards.”
In addition to this method of reading the Tarot, it will be possible to explore other methods of divination, including pendulum, palmistry and more.
Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite divination tools or method and come prepared to share or learn a new technique or two. They can do divination for themselves or offer to do readings for others.
Tea will be provided. Bring snacks to share.
Any level of proficiency is fine.