Ditch the negative for the positive

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By The Staff

There has been a lot of negative information in the news lately about celebrities and businesses. Irrelevant of whether the person or business is guilty or innocent or whether you care about the topic or not, as a society we need to stop having so much negativity.

The truth is that generally happy, healthy people don’t commit crimes. I’m mainly concerned about this because constant negative attention can drive anyone to the dark side.

If we look at anyone under the microscope, we could make them out to be the devil. The level of scrutiny we thrust upon high profile people is ridiculous.

Think about it, as a nation, we criticize people for what they wear, when they gain some weight, who they date, where they take a job, or if they don’t do a good job to our standards, we hate that, too.

Imagine if every day your life was under such scrutiny? What if you were criticized at work for what you wore, what level of work you accomplished that day and who your friends were that week?

I think of the constant scrutiny of everyone in a public office, anyone involved in a project that has gone bad and anyone who did the right thing in the face of upsetting everyone.

I recently overheard someone criticize a young person in front of other adults. The sad thing is the reference was over my head and I didn’t realize it was a slight until later.

Who are you to criticize your child in front of another person?

Have you ever heard the saying praise in public, reprimand in private? This scenario doesn’t just include our youth. What do businesspeople think when they are hateful to their employees? Don’t employers realize that employees are willing to work much harder for a company when they feel appreciate and like part of the family. This not only translates to the work place, but to a place of worship as well.

Families join a church to feel like part of a family and if the feeling they get when they walk through your doors is not a welcome one, it may be their last visit. Now we can’t be all things to all people, but the relationship things should be an easy one.

Think of simple things you can do to make any place you’re in a better.

We have ways to Build Assets in the Family, Assets in the Workplace and Assets in the Classroom.

These are easy, common sense things to build the relationships you have with everyone, everywhere. If we all took the time to treat each other a little better and to treat those who have no support even better than that, the world would be a totally different place.

If interested in one of these brown bag lunch programs, give us a call. Assets in Action are looking for the community to help build assets. If you have an idea, let us know.  

Assets In Action is a community building program sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. You can learn more at www.AssetsInAction.info.