Discovering the county council's disconnect

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Disconnect? The two-to-one leisure pool vote drubbing was more than a rejection of a worthwhile project. It was a wake up call to the Los Alamos County Council that the citizens do not trust them.
In conversation with a county councilor a couple of days after the vote, he described the dismay of the councilors, who were convinced the vote would easily go the other way.
He then asked me: “Is there a disconnect between the Los Alamos County government and the Los Alamos citizens?”
That was it!  It was the burning issue that the Los Alamos Deep Democracy Open Forum (LADDOF) people have been looking for in order to launch their first open forum!
In conversation with a local clergyman a few days later, (who had voted yes), I asked him the councilor’s question.
He answered with a resounding “Yes - I can’t tell you how many people come to me privately with concerns that the county government cannot seem to hear its citizens.”
LADDOF will soon offer an open forum to discuss this “burning” disconnect issue.
Eugene N. Kovalenko, PhD
Los Alamos Deep Democracy Open Forum, Inc.