Directory getting updated

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By The Staff

Los Alamos is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2009, and to commemorate the event, the anniversary committee hopes to involve every group, club and organization in town.

To accomplish this, the 60th anniversary committee, in conjunction with the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, is seeking the help of organizations to update a list of community resources.

The last available document, coordinated by former County employee Sally Hoffman, was done is 2004. Hoffman worked with various community volunteers and organizations to speak with hundreds of entities listed from A to Z in the publication.

The document was printed in hard copy and made into CD’s. There was also a period of time it was available, to some extent, on the Mesa Public Library’s web page.

The committee members assigned to this task force and serving on this project include Chris Chandler, John Hopkins, Lawry Mann, Sharon Stover and Sen. Steve Stoddard, (RET.). The ad hoc committee is working with new Member Services Coordinator Katy Korkos, of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and her staff. Korkos will oversee the data base entry.

“The heart and soul of our community are the volunteer organizations, service clubs, churches and not-for-profits that devote their energies selflessly to making this a wonderful place to live,” Korkos said. “We have an exceptional group of creative people here who just pitch in and get things done.”

A letter was created by the committee and sent out by the Chamber, which will compile an updated database for use during the 60th festivities.

The letters, with a due date of early September, request current contact information for clubs and organizations throughout the community. While noted groups like the Kiwanis Club, Rotary and Toastmasters have information that is easy to track down, many others are not so easy to access.

Often times, the contact information for clubs, groups and organizations is relegated to the home address and current phone number of the most recent president, chair, secretary or public relations volunteer. As the previous document was last updated in 2004, the possibility of the information being current is less than slim.

Technology has also come a long way, the 60th anniversary committee has secured a website to help with community information, events and contacts. Clubs and organizations will be able to update a hard copy and return it to the Chamber of Commerce in Central Park Square or the website at www.losalamos60th.org.

“I think it’s important to get this written down now, while we still have people who can remember the history of the town,” Korkos said. “The responses will be collected and copied and put into a book that future residents can use as a reference and for inspiration for projects of their own.”

Those with questions or who can update the Chamber with groups no longer in existence can call Korkos at 661-8105.