Did you pick up the wrong coat?

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, we attended the fabulous, elegant, “An Evening in Paris,” YMCA’s Red and Black Ball at Central Avenue Grill. Upon entering the long corridor adjacent to the Grill, you were greeted by Parisian volunteers who helped with our coats. At the end of the evening, when I went to get my coat from the coat rack, it was gone and a similar looking coat was left it its place. This was not just any coat. It was Steven’s Grandma Marie’s full length, drop-dead gorgeous mink coat. Grandma Marie passed away last May at age 97. Recently, in a ceremonial exchange I was given this family heirloom. The coat was special to me not just because it was Grandma Marie’s, but Steven’s Grandpa John, a hard-working farmer who in his 100 years saw the age of the mule evolve to the huge combines of today, somehow managed to buy his beloved Marie this coat. They were not extravagant people – they both lived through the Depression and the dust bowl – so I was surprised to learn that in 1984 he brought her the mink coat. I have that sick feeling we all get sometimes in our stomachs. The feeling comes because this was Grandma Marie’s coat and my first time to wear it; and more importantly because I know no one in Los Alamos who was there that night would intentionally take a coat that did not belong to them. I believe that there were many happy people leaving the Grill that night and perhaps some husband picked the wrong coat and put it on his wife late that evening and when they got home, put the coat in the closet. I would like to ask that people who attended the “An Evening In Paris” YMCA Red and Black Ball, if they would please, please double check their closets and see they mistakenly picked up the wrong coat. I can be reached at 672-1706 or sstover@cybermesa.com, and will happily exchange it with the coat I brought home. Thank you all for checking your closets! I feel such a huge burden and responsibility to try to find Grandma Marie’s coat, and I am hoping that by everyone doing a closet check, it will turn up.Sharon StoverLos Alamos