Developing strong, resilient children

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Great Conversations is an afternoon of appetizers and desserts and an in-depth conversation with a subject area expert. This is the Fourth Annual Great Conversations hosted by the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation. It will take place from 2-5 p.m. April 28 at Los Alamos High School in the new building. This is part of a series about the conversations that will take place.
“Developing Strong, Resilient Children” featuring Sandy Beery.
What is the power of assuming positive intent? Sandy Beery is an experienced teacher and school administrator. She will guide a discussion about how the composure of the many adults in a child’s life will have a lasting affect on a child’s ability to learn self-regulation.
She will lead a discussion about moving children from the survival or emotional state of the brain to the executive state of the brain and how this will impact their learning both in and out of the school setting. Berry is currently the director of an elementary charter school.
She has been an educator for 20 years and began her career as a high school math teacher and has been a school administrator for more than 16 years.  
Early on, she observed that the most important part of her job as a teacher was to create an environment in her classroom that was welcoming, one in which it was safe for students to practice some academic risk taking.
Through her work as an administrator, Beery has had countless opportunities to discuss with children of all ages, the kind of behavioral choices they have made, what they were thinking when they made those choices and what strategy they could use to make a different choice “next time.”
Beery said, “I am fascinated with the developments in our understanding of brain development and how simple actions can physically change the way we feel in the moment. I wonder how many times have any of us stopped to take a breath when things are stressful. This work has always been a passion of mine because I have always believed that until we feel safe, calm, connected, loved and important; we are unable to focus on difficult cognitive tasks.”
Those interested in attending Great Conversations can pick up a registration form or drop off a completed form with payment to The Finishing Touch locating at 174 Central Park Square.
A complete list of the speakers and an overview of the 14 conversations is available at lapsfoundation.com.
Call 470-3734 or e-mail j.gillespie@laschools.net with any questions.