Department of Public Safety updates registry

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By The Staff

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety periodically updates registered sex offender information posted on its Web site. The updated information includes new photographs and changes in employment and home addresses. Six Los Alamos men are listed on the state Web site:



Charles Michael Bracken, 52


• Sex offense conviction: Sexual exploitation of children

• Date of conviction: 10/15/


• Place of conviction: Los Alamos, N.M.,

• Work: Not releasable

• Permanent residence: 1396-B 40th St.


William (Bill)

Charles Mead, 63


• Sex offense conviction: Attempted criminal sexual penetration

• Sex offense conviction: Criminal sexual contact of a minor

• Date of convictions: 03/31/1994 – 05/24/1994 (two counts)

• Place of convictions: Los Alamos, N.M.

• Work: Adaptive Network Solutions

• Permanent residence: 10 Bonito Pl.


Henry John Meyer, 51


• Sex offense conviction: Sexual contact with minor under 16

• Date of conviction: 08/08/


• Place of conviction: Faulk, SD

• Work: Not releasable

• Permanent residence: 535-Apt. 2 Kiva St.


Edward Acosta

Sanchez, 50


• Sex offense conviction: Criminal sexual contact of a minor

• Date of conviction: 08/06/


• Place of conviction: Dona Ana, N.M.

• Work: Cutler Repaving 921 E 27th St. Lawrence, Kan.

• Permanent residence: 2201 Trinity Dr.


Thomas Edward

(Ted) Vives, 45


• Sex offense conviction: Engaging in sexual acts with a child under 18 years of age

• Date of conviction: 03/31/


• Place of conviction: Marion, Fla.

• Work: Self employed musician

• Permanent residence: 16 Grand Canyon Dr.


Lester Allen

Zimmerman, 48


• Sex offense conviction: Abusive sexual contact of a minor under 12 (six counts)

• Date of conviction: 09/03/


• Place of conviction: Other, Calif.

• Work: Smith’s Food and Drug Store 535 Central

• Permanent residence: 110 Tunyo St.