A Delightful Delivery

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By The Staff

Los Alamos Monitor employees Hope Jaramillo, April Brown, Kirpal Khalsa and Tonya Sprouse-Mosley delivered the first shipment of donated books and the 2nd edition of the PVIS Yearling News to the Pojoaque Intermediate School earlier this week.
Although the book shipment was expected, the children and staff were overwhelmed by the number of books donated in such a short amount of time.
The students immediately began to rummage through the boxes, picking out their favorite ones, and asking if they could check them out right away. School Librarian Marcy Martinez has some work to do in order to make them available to the children, but they will soon see new choices on their library shelves.
The PVIS Yearling News is published once monthly until the end of the school year and we continue to look for business sponsors. The Los Alamos Monitor will also be purchasing books for the school with the proceeds collected from our sponsors.
We continue to take school age book donations at both our DP Road office and at LANB’s Los Alamos location. Those donating 10 or more books at our office, will receive a free one-month subscription to our newspaper, where you can continue to follow the progress of the project.