Dear citizens and Los Alamos County employees ...

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Over the course of my career in city management, I have observed many changes in how municipal government has improved and evolved.
Also during this time in public service, I have faced many challenges and feel that in all aspects I was able to contribute toward making a positive difference in the outcomes of those challenges faced by the communities that I served.  
During my six plus years with Los Alamos County as the assistant county administrator and county administrator, Los Alamos County has made much progress in addressing its infrastructure such as the reconstruction of Diamond Drive, downtown street and landscaping improvements, new police, jail and court facilities, a new animal shelter, new fire station and new maintenance facilities for the county and schools at the Pajarito Cliffs Site.  
The county has moved forward in the acquisition of transfer lands from DOE, the Trinity Redevelopment Project, the new municipal building, records and archives facilities, which are anticipated to be constructed and the demolition of the Trinity Site and the Central Avenue apartments.
We have also taken our obligations to maintain our facilities and infrastructure seriously and have developed plans and funding mechanisms to ensure that we don’t repeat the past.    
Lastly, we have put into place strategic plans that are being implemented in respect to White Rock, environmental sustainability and economic development.   
These successes are not solely my accomplishments or those of the former administration or of the past council, but occurred through a dedicated, loyal and professional staff, which have made many of these undertakings possible.  
The commitment of our employees who have worked with a strong sense of ownership, have made Los Alamos such a special community. They are truly the county’s greatest asset. I have every confidence that they will continue to deliver services to our citizens with dedication, efficiency and integrity.
I also want to recognize the time, commitment and passion provided by our business and community leaders, countless volunteers and citizens who have served on boards and commissions and committees, such as the Trinity Site Redevelopment Project Committee, Economic Vitality Action Team, Citizens Committee for siting of the Municipal Building and have significantly contributed to much of the progress we are seeing in our community today.
As I move on professionally and personally, I sincerely wish the citizens, the incoming council and especially all my staff much success in the future.    
As I was writing this letter, it reminded me of what a professional peer had written; “legacy building is hard work that is rarely appreciated or rewarded until years later – if ever at all. But you don’t do legacy work with the expectation of immediate gratification. Legacies are measured in lifetimes.”  
Legacy building is what Los Alamos County has been undertaking over these last six years.  
Throughout my career in municipal management, I have abided by the old Athenian Oath, which concludes with these words: “Thus in all these ways we will transmit this City, not only not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”  
I believe this sums up not only my perspective on how I viewed my obligations as your  former county administrator, but reflects what I have perceived as the desire of many in our community  towards contributing to the legacy that we will all be proud to tell our grand children about decades from now.

Anthony J. Mortillaro,
former county administrator