Davenport has top prediction

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By The Staff

Beth Davenport had the top prediction in this week’s Pace Race, which was held on the Cañada Del Buey trail in White Rock.
Davenport was just 3 seconds off her predicted time.
Other accurate predictors were Heidi Bjorklund and Zach Medin.
They tied at 4 seconds off their predictions.
Nikol Strother had a 5-second differential and was also the fastest female on the three-mile course recording a time of 21 minutes, 38 seconds.
Ted Romero had a 9-second error and was also the best finisher on the three-mile course, finishing with a time of 20:57.
On the one-mile course, 6-year-old Anders Medin recorded a 10:17 for the top time. His mother, Roxana Candia, was the first female. She finished in 10:19.
Next Tuesday’s Pace Race will take place near the Pajarito ski area, just past the ski lodge at the Cañada Bonito Trailhead.
One, two and three-mile courses will be available.
For more information call 672-1639 or visit the club’s website, atomicrunners.com