Court orders ex-LA doctor off GPS monitoring

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Crime> Mourachov lives in Colorado

By Tris DeRoma

Pavel Mourachov, the former Los Alamos doctor who pled guilty to assault and cruelty to animals nine months ago, is now off GPS monitoring.
In magistrate court Tuesday, his attorney, Elden Pennington and Assistant DA Kent Wahlquist agreed Mourachov has done much to improve his life and attitude since the day police arrested him leaving the Los Alamos Medical Center.
Pennington also said that since Mourachov has lost his medical license as a result of his crimes the cost of his GPS monitoring has been a financial hardship.
“It’s about 15 percent of his income,” Pennington told Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados.
According to Pennington, Mourachov has also managed to stay out of trouble for the past nine months, and is presently living in Colorado. As part of his probation, he regularly comes back to see his doctor in Santa Fe for mental health evaluations.
“He hasn’t had any contact or incidents with police in Colorado either,” Pennington told the judge.
Though Mourachov will no longer be on GPS, Mourachov still has to obey all the other conditions of his probation, which includes staying in regular contact with his probation officer, Linda Pena.
Regular contact includes face-to-face meetings, email, phone calls and texting. Mourachov has about six months to go on his probation. A key condition of Mourachov’s probation is that he is not allowed in Los Alamos County.
Pena also told the judge that Mourachov has been in regular contact with her, and she had no problem with him being released from GPS.
“What Mr. Pennington says is true; Mr. Mourachov does seem to be in a better place mentally when he talks to me, he seems more... coherent, ” she said in court. She also assured the judge that the authorities where Mourachov is based in Colorado are also in regular contact with her and that Mourachov has been very good about texting her whenever he leaves or enters New Mexico for his treatment.
Seeing there were no objections from Wahlquist, Casados granted the request.
Judging by court testimony, Mourachov has come a long way since police arrested him outside Los Alamos Medical Center May 22 of last year.
At the time, Mourachov who was a urologist with offices at LAMC, was charged with aggravated assault against a household member with a deadly weapon, a fourth-degree felony. He was also charged with harassment, a misdemeanor and extreme cruelty to animals, a fourth-degree felony.
According to a police report, Mourachov shot and fatally injured his 18-year-old cat with an arrow and left it on his neighbor’s doorstep, apparently as some sort of threatening message to them in regards to an ongoing dispute they were having.
The domestic abuse charges were added when his wife revealed to police an earlier incident where Mourachov broke down a door to a room she was hiding in with an axe during an argument. After getting one of his guns, he apparently gave it to her and told her to shoot him with it. Mourachov was allegedly intoxicated at the time.
It was also mentioned in the report that Mourachov apparently kept a propane tank, a firearm and matches next to the door for the next time police came to his residence. He allegedly told her that if he “is taken out by police, he will not go alone.”