County update from storm

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The National Weather Service has extended the FLASH FLOOD WATCH through Saturday

evening, September 14th.

Please remember the following tips in flood risk areas:

*  Just because it isn't raining where you are doesn't mean you aren't in danger. If

you are below the storm in any way, floodwater and debris could be upon you within


*  Keep pets and children out of canyons and arroyos during and after a storm - warn

children of the dangers of playing in or near canyon streams and arroyos when it


*  Never walk or drive through floodwaters of any depth - you don't know if the road

underneath is still there. Find a safer route or wait until floodwaters subside

completely. Six inches of fast-flowing water is enough to sweep you off your feet.

Two feet of flowing water can float away most cars.

*  If flooding occurs in your neighborhood, please remain calm and shelter in place.

While some sections of town may become isolated for a time, flash floods recede

quickly and access will be restored soon. It is essential that nobody panic, attempt

to cross running waters, or enter unsafe areas.

Check The National Weather Service (NOAA) website for current weather conditions:


For sandbags and/or assistance, please review the following:

* IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY: Please call 911, and LAPD will dispatch LAFD to help

mitigate the situation.

* IF IT IS ONLY PRECAUTIONARY: Los Alamos County is providing sand bags for

residents at the Pajarito Cliffs Site, 101 Camino Entrada, just inside the gate at

the Sand Barn. Signs are posted to help direct people. The gates will close Friday,

September 13th at 6:00pm, but will reopen on Saturday, September 14th from 8:00am to



West Road in Los Alamos is CLOSED until further notice.

All other roads in Los Alamos County are open.  If heavy rains and flooding continue

into the weekend, Los Alamos County crews will continue to deal with all flooding

and road issues by priority.

Continue to be careful when traveling, especially in areas at risk for mudslides and

rock fall. Call the LAPD non-emergency number at 505-662-8222 to report any large

debris on the roadway.


The STEM student concert tonight, Friday Sept.13th, originally set at Ashley Pond

has been moved to the Teen Center.

The Next Big Idea Festival is STILL ON for tomorrow, Saturday, September 14th from

11:00am to 3:00pm in Downtown Los Alamos! For more information about this exciting

signature event, visit www.NextBigIdeaLA.com<http://www.NextBigIdeaLA.com>.

Bandelier National Monument will be CLOSED on Saturday, September 14th, and possibly

Sunday, September 15th.  Please visit the Bandelier Facebook page for more

information: https://www.facebook.com/BandelierNPS

Pajarito Mountain Bike & Hike lift service for tomorrow, Saturday, September 14th,

is cancelled. Please visit their Facebook page for more information:



Midday, a utility pole near Totavi and owned by the Department of Energy
washed out. The line serviced Totavi Gas Station, the electronic road sign over 502
at Totavi, and two water wells. These facilities will be without power for an
extended period of time. DPU did cut power temporarily to the Sportsman Club to
allow DOE's personnel to isolate the damaged pole.

* The road and a DPU water line washed out in Guaje Canyon. Crews are
working to make the road passable, but have not been able to access the area to
assess the water line damage.

* The new Los Alamos Canyon Dam performed as designed. Debris has filled
the reservoir. It appears that the road to the Reservoir has been damaged, however,
DPU crews have not been able to access the area to determine the extent of damages.