County should worry more about recent power outages

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

(Aug. 3) we were treated to yet another power outage. This one lasted nearly four hours.

After enduring endless utility work in the last few years with the promise of making our utilities “more reliable,” the outages this year have been worse than I’ve seen in the past 19 years that I’ve lived here. North Mesa and Barranca Mesa are always the last areas to have power restored.

And yet, the county sees fit to spend tens of millions of dollars building themselves new digs. The county sees fit to spend over ten million dollars building a redundant, unneeded road in order to save face. And we have electrical service that is about as reliable as the interior of Mexico.

In protest, I will vote “no” on any further projects the county wants to spend my tax dollars on until the utility service can be made truly reliable. I don’t want to wait ten or twenty years for reliable service. I ask that other patrons on the Mesas do the same.

On a bright note, the two utility workers who were working this outage (at least in my area) were extremely pleasant and polite. I’d like to extend my thanks them.

Kathy Chilcoat

Los Alamos