County offers great incentives

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The recent editorial “Our View: Think Local” correctly advocates focusing on local companies rather than seeking companies that might relocate to Los Alamos.

However, the editorial also contends that local officials have not provided leadership, which I believe is incorrect. Los Alamos County economic programs and incentives are best in class. These programs are well thought out and managed in a reliable and transparent manner. Additionally, expert advice and introductions to investors are available – for example, through Technology Ventures Corporation’s Equity Capital Symposium. The shortage of technology companies in Los Alamos is not due to deficiencies in economic incentives or expert advice.

I would be glad to discuss with prospective technology entrepreneurs how local programs helped us build Caldera Pharmaceuticals, how we identified commercially viable technology and how we raised financing.

Benjamin Warner

CEO, Caldera Pharmaceuticals Inc.