County launches tourism initiative

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Marketing: Employees quizzed on knowledge of area

By The Staff

Los Alamos County is launching an online marketing effort to better educate local tourism industry employees about the city “where discoveries are made.” Subsequently, the county officials hope knowledgeable employees will incite a desire in visitors to discover even more about Los Alamos’ history and attractions, while dispelling any misnomers they may have with facts.
“Visitors trust that the information they receive about Los Alamos from our employees in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industries is accurate,” said Linda Deck, Los Alamos Tax and Advisory Board President. “So we launched an easy-to-use online quiz which empowers Los Alamos’ essential tourism-industry employees with knowledge about the history, culture, and attractions in the county.  A centralized source of information is not only helpful for them, but for Los Alamos residents and visitors alike.”
Los Alamos County employed Griffin and Associates Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising firm to produce five marketing videos, each less than 5 minutes long. The videos focus on the county’s history, attractions, family-friendly activities, and events, and address common misconceptions.  The videos are matched up with short quizzes developed by the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce that will test the knowledge of participants.  The course is provided online via the web.
“The goal is to have all of Los Alamos County’s tourism-industry employees complete the course,” says Chamber Executive Director Kevin Holsapple.  “We want to hear from any business that is interested in having staff take the course.  It is free, easy-to-implement professional development that will improve the ability of the business to serve customers.”
Each video contains information that is included in the online quiz that follows. The county is hopeful that tourism-industry employees will offer accurate information to visitors who have questions about Los Alamos. Subsequently, county officials look to generate even more visitors whose interest has been piqued about Los Alamos. In 2011, Los Alamos County had almost 25,000 visitors.
“I’m not surprised that the most educated county came up with such a smart way to provide its vital tourism professionals with information about the community in which we live,” said Agatha Marquez, General Manager at Holiday Inn Express Los Alamos, who will be utilizing the Cogno training videos. “Basic facts such as that ‘Los Alamos officially became a county in 1949,’ are questions we get asked all the time. The videos and online quiz can only make us better ambassadors for our incredible county that has so much to offer.”