County council should wait

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By Ralph Damiani

The council is scheduled Tuesday night to discuss the Municipal Building matter. We urge them to take no action.

In fact, we think that this council should take action on only matters of extreme emergency to the county.

We feel this would be in the public’s interest as it was clear by the results of the election that people want a change. And if this council continues to ignore this and proceeds with projects, it would be a grave disservice to the community.

People voted for change here and the current council should respect that fact and take no action on any matter involving funding or the commitment of public funds.

This should include any money that would be spent on any current project – from the jail/court complex to the Airport Basin project to the Municipal Building.

This would be showing respect for the voters and for the new councilors who will take office a month from now. Nothing on the plate of the council is so urgent that it can’t wait.

To just push ahead this last month with the old council would be unwise and wrong to the residents of this county.

A lame-duck panel has to be careful with what it does. And by taking actions that are unnecessary a lame-duck group can do a lot of harm.

We urge the council to discuss all it wants but to take no action on any matter of substance. Respect the voters and let the new council in January deal with all this stuff.

It will not do any harm to wait, yet pushing ahead unnecessarily would do great harm.

Please, wait.