County Council holds strategic planning meeting

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By Jennifer Garcia

The council has been busy with various meetings, which have focused on topics such as the skate park and the municipal building site, but somehow they found time last Friday to hold a daylong strategic planning meeting.

The council’s first order of business was a discussion and update to council and the community on the management action plans for the strategic goals and objectives.

In January 2005, the council adopted strategic goals and objectives. Staff developed Management Action Plans for each objective and has reported on progress semi-annually since that time. The MAPs were updated this month.

Staff provided council with a brief verbal update of the material during the update session on Aug. 22.

The second order of business for the council was to discuss possible revisions to the county’s strategic goals and objectives. There were five main objectives that were discussed:

• Maintain quality essential routine services and supporting infrastructure.

• Improve intergovernmental relations.

• Diversify the economy/revitalize White Rock and Los Alamos downtowns.

• Maintain environmental quality.

• Improve transportation and mobility.

In addition, the council discussed the possible action related to the linkage of the long-range financial plan with the strategic goals and objectives.

According to a county council meeting staff report, during the discussion and adoption of the 2009-2010 Biennial budget, the council requested that this item be discussed during the next update session of the strategic goals and objectives.

Staff has provided some updates to the various amounts estimated in the last Long Range Financial Plan. Some updated amounts account for new information and estimates of escalation for Capital Projects.

It is important to also recall that a new CIP process has been developed and approved by Council since the adoption of the budget. CIP projects are in various stages of development, some under construction, some in design stages, some with sites selected pending award of contracts and others that will be inserted into the beginning phases of the new process.

After making amendments to the strategic goals and objectives and discussing the long-range financial plan with the strategic goals and objectives, the meeting was adjourned.