County cannot enforce RV code

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I liked your recent Sunday editorial. In addition to what you suggested I would like to see an RV storage area. The code on storing RVs cannot be enforced because the county does not have any place for people to park them.

The one on North Mesa is full. The large RV spaces have not had a vacancy in at least four years. I called the two RV storage places listed in the yellow pages for Santa Fe and they are full. I was given the phone number for another place and they are full also, so the need is there.

It would probably cost less to build than to study to determine the feasibility. The one on North Mesa doesn’t have a paid security guard so it would be cheap to maintain.

For people who think it would be unsightly, please drive around White Rock. I’ll bet neighbors would be happy to help reseed the yards of people who move their RVs to the storage lot.

Camille Morrison

White Rock